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Prescribed Medicines Policy

A copy of Broseley Festival CIC’s Prescribed Medicines Policy will be available to any member of the public and will be shared on Broseley Festival CIC’s official website prior and during the event. A copy of the policy will be available at the information tent throughout the events.

Broseley Festival CIC is committed to maintaining the safety and wellbeing of all persons on site and is very aware that a proportion of the festival audience have a requirement to bring prescribed medicines onto site. Therefore, it is the general policy of Broseley Festival CIC to permit prescription medicines to be brought onto site through the main entrance.


To ensure that illicit or potentially dangerous substances are not brought onto site under the guise of legitimate medical need, the following measures are advised.
If someone needs to bring prescription medicines onto site, they should consider this in advance and follow the steps set out below to assist security personnel to determine the medication is legitimately held if the medication is discovered or reported.

We recommend the attendees to Broseley Festival should read the following advice:
1. Ensure the medicine is in its original container, with the dispensary sticker and issued in the person’s name and you would be asked for ID if the medication is discovered during bag searches.
2. Please do not peel the label off or carry someone else’s medication for them.
3. Ensure the quantity carried is the minimal required for duration on site.
4. Please try to NOT bring non-essential tablets such as vitamin supplements onsite.
5. Please do not be offended if you are asked about medication at the gate or in the festival but do not seek to conceal medication.
6. Be aware of your closest open pharmacy.
7. Most medications that is not required to be brought ‘over the counter’ can be purchased in Broseley High Street.

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