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To make Broseley Festival and events organised by Broseley Festival CIC enjoyable for all we provide the following Term, Conditions and Company Policies to help improve the experience we offer our supporters and attendees. 

Terms and Conditions

All contractors and suppliers and acts will hold their own health and safety schedules and should have their own public liability insurance on entering the site they have confirmed this. Broseley Festival CIC will not be held responsible for any incidences to do with contractors, suppliers or acts.

All contractors and hire companies agree to have all their own insurances in place for property damage and loss during the festival period. All parties aforementioned agree to sign register upon arrival to the site. Broseley Festival CIC accept no responsibility to damage, theft or loss of property throughout the duration of the event.
Security that hold a SIA badge are responsible for their actions under the SIA law. Any claims directed through security will be directed to the security company and is not the responsibility of Broseley Festival CIC


Volunteers and stewards are responsible for their own off-duty actions at all times.
Any advertised offers or competitions may be withdrawn at any time Broseley Festival CIC.

Broseley Festival CIC is organised and run by a group of volunteers. Anybody who is found to physically or verbally abuse anybody associated with organising Broseley Festival or any festival attendees will be asked to leave the site and may result in prosecution.

Broseley Festival CIC is held at Broseley Fair Field, Dark Lane Broseley, Shropshire.
Links to other web sites are provided by Broseley Festival CIC in good faith and for information only.
We will review this policy in the light of comments we receive so please check the latest version. If you have any questions specifically about Privacy please contact us.

The artist and performer line-up and all advertised attractions may be subject to change at any time without notice. All artists are billed through either contracts, emails or verbal bookings and in an event of force majeure or the legal authorities cancelling the event Broseley Festival CIC will do its utmost to rebook these artists on the nearest available date and reschedule the festival where possible.
All cheque payments will be sent to & distributed from our office.

In order to facilitate the security, safety and comfort of all guests the Premises Licence Holder reserves the right to refuse admission or to eject person(s) from the festival site at our discretion at any time if we feel that person(s) are behaving in an harmful or dangerous way to themselves or others, if they are intoxicated or believed to have taken illegal substances, if they are not adhering to the rules and regulations set by Broseley Festival CIC . Any illegal behaviour or violent behaviour will not be tolerated by Broseley Festival CIC and will result in prosecution.

Admission to Broseley Festival site is at your own risk. The Premises Licence Holder will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained at the event including damage,
theft or losses to property and motor vehicles, if the cause is due to the negligence of the attendee or the unforeseeable actions of other patrons or third parties.

Admittance of children (aged 16 years & under) to Broseley Festival CIC is only permitted when they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. ID may be required. Children are the responsibility of their parent/guardian and must be appropriately monitored by their responsible party. Children will not gain re-admittance to the festival site if they are not accompanied by their parent/guardian.


Strictly no trading or other commercial activity by any other than those organised and booked by Broseley Festival CIC will be allowed on Festival Site without the Festival's prior written consent.
Attendees are able to come and go as they please throughout the day but will be subject to searches each time when re-entering the festival site.

Unauthorised professional photography or use of recording equipment is prohibited unless agreed with Broseley Festival CIC. No professional audio, audio visual or cinematographic devices shall be brought into the site without prior written consent from Broseley Festival CIC.
Neither the venue owners or Broseley Festival CIC can accept responsibility for lost or stolen property or damage to any vehicles while onsite.

Upton entering the festival site you are giving consent to being filmed, photographed and recorded for Television, radio, webcast and other public broadcast and/or for any video or DVD as part of the audience and/or by onsite CCTV cameras and recordings for security purposes.

Broseley Festival must not be used for any marketing, media or sales promotion whether commercial or non-commercial without prior written permission of the festival organisers.
Official merchandise will be available on site. Please don't buy from unlawful street traders or any unauthorised traders.

Please use the toilets and urinals and do not pollute the streams and hedges. Please use the litter bins and recycling points provided.

As agreed with West Mercia Police security may ask to search you or any bags at the entrance if they feel the need. Any items which the organisers consider may be used in an illegal or offensive manner shall be confiscated including ANYTHING glass being brought into the festival site. Persons suspected of carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities onsite may be searched.

Your own food & drink including alcohol may be brought into the festival site, but any glass will be confiscated anyone found in the festival site with glass will be asked to leave.

Any person found to be behaving in a manner deemed unsociable or potentially dangerous will be ejected from the festival site and refused re-entry.

All volunteers agreed to help and support with Broseley Festival at their own risk and agreed to abide by the rules, regulations and guidelines set out by Broseley Festival CIC.

This festival takes place outdoors. Attendees are advised to wear appropriate clothing and footwear and protection against all weather conditions.

Fireworks, Chinese lanterns and the burning of plastics are not permitted.
No gas cylinders are permitted in the arena area unless for medical reasons e.g. oxygen tanks. No open fires, flames or BBQ’s are allowed on site.

To protect your own safety and those of other guests, please act responsibly.
Medical matters are dealt with by a company employed by Broseley Festival CIC. This will a separate organisation to Broseley Festival CIC as a result of this Broseley Festival will not be held responsible for any medical issues once onsite medics are informed.

Anyone resisting confiscation of disallowed items or disregarding these conditions will face eviction from the site.

As of July 2007, smoking is not permitted in enclosed public areas for example inside any onsite marquees or stalls.

A wide selection of food & drink will be available to purchase on site as well as being able to bring your own. However, no glass must be brought onsite. All drinks must be in plastic bottles cups or cans.
All performers/bands agree to our terms and conditions and agree to have no right for any claim for loss/damage or injury during the festival. They also agree to have an up to date and valid public liability insurance. In the act of force majeure, flooding or legal authorities cancelling will be rebooked at the nearest possible date.
On site Fun Fair: Agrees to our terms and conditions and agree to have no right for any claim for loss/damage or injury during the festival. They also agree to have up to date and valid public liability insurance.

Traders: Agrees to our terms and conditions and agree to have no right for any claim for loss/damage or injury during the festival. They also agree that have an up to date and valid public liability insurance.
Contracted First Aid: Agrees to our terms and conditions and agree to have no right for any claim for loss/damage or injury during the festival. They also agree that have an up to date and valid public liability insurance.

All contractors: Agrees to our terms and conditions and agree to have no right for any claim for loss/damage or injury during the festival. They also agree that have an up to date and valid public liability insurance.

Broseley Festival CIC does not take responsibility for any actions, behaviour or otherwise that occur off the Fair Field Site, including any activities run by anyone other than Broseley Festival CIC.

Broseley Festival CIC is not responsible to damage to any property outside the festival site itself.

Broseley Festival CIC books licenced bars to attend and be situated inside the festival site. These bars agree to adhere to the rules and regulations set by Broseley Festival CIC including the times in which alcohol can be served.

Broseley Festival CIC does not take responsibility for any Public House, business or private residence serving alcohol around Broseley town. Any public houses with an extended licence for the festival weekend are not associated with Broseley Festival CIC.

Broseley Festival CIC will not be held responsible for any issues that may occur outside the festival site including any personal injury or damage to property.

Broseley Festival CIC employs its own professional and SIA licenced security company. Security staff are only responsible for dealing with any incidents inside the festival site. The security team are not permitted to deal with any issues in surrounding businesses, public houses, residential properties or any closed streets not situated inside the festival site itself. If you have any issues or incidents that you require assistance with outside the festival site, please contact your local police.

Any public houses situated around the town who feel they need extra staff or security during the festival weekend are responsible for this themselves and Broseley Festival CIC cannot be held responsible for any issues outside our festival site.


Dogs are permitted; however, Broseley Festival CIC takes no responsibility for the welfare of them. Owners are responsible for their dogs and within the festival site dogs should be kept on leads at all times and owners must clean up after them. Please do not leave your dogs in cars. Owners understand they are responsible for their dogs and their dog’s behaviour. Broseley Festival CIC will not be held responsible for any incidents involving any dogs. Please be advised the festival is loud and some dogs do find this stressful. Please consider this before bringing your dog into the site.

Children 16 years & under must be accompanied by an adult.

Nobody under the age of 18 will be served alcohol and ID will be required. Anybody under the age of 18 found consuming alcohol will be asked to leave the premises. In accordance with Broseley Festival CIC Alcohol Policy.


Lost and Found Children & Person Policy

Broseley Festival's Lost and found children and person point will be situated at the Broseley Festival Information Tent.

If lost children, parents separated from their children, vulnerable adults, personal assistants of vulnerable adults or any person who may have been separated from their group or family arrive at other points or speak to a team member, security member or steward they should be directed or taken to this point as appropriate.

DBS checked team members: 

Daniel Glaze 

Simon Harris 

Ann Jones 

Steph Tench-Griffiths 

Full policy available at information tent or upon request. 

Alcohol Policy

It is the sole responsibility of all vendors and traders selling any form of alcohol to ask for valid ID if they feel the person purchasing alcohol does not meet the age and guidelines outlined in this policy.
A copy of this policy will be presented to any vendors and traders attending Broseley Festival who will be selling alcohol at Broseley Festival along with a copy of Broseley Festival’s term and conditions. All vendors and traders must sign to say they have read and agreed to Broseley Festival CIC’s term and conditions and our Alcohol Policy.

All vendors and traders selling alcohol at Broseley Festival must agree to, follow and abide by the conditions of selling alcohol outlined in this policy. The sale of alcohol to anyone underage or if anyone under the age of 18 is found consuming alcohol within the festival site is not the responsibility of Broseley Festival CIC – security will be notified and anyone found to be underage and consuming alcohol will be asked to leave the Broseley Festival site.


Challenge 25
Challenge 25 is a scheme that encourages anyone who is over 18 but looks under 25 to carry acceptable ID when they want to buy alcohol. Challenge 25 builds on the Challenge 21 campaign introduced by the British Beer and Pub Association in 2005, who represent the beer and pub sector. It’s now run by the Retail of Alcohol Standards Group, which represents alcohol retailers.

It is against the law:
• To sell alcohol to someone under 18 anywhere and can lead to a maximum fine of £20,000 for bar staff/managers or premises may eventually be shut down.
• To knowingly sell alcohol to someone is drunk.
• To knowingly buy/get, or try to buy/get, alcohol for a drunken person on a licensed premise, e.g. a bar or club.
• For an adult to buy or attempt to buy alcohol on behalf of someone under 18*.
• For someone under 18 to buy alcohol, attempt to buy alcohol or to be sold alcohol.
Retailers can reserve the right to:
• Refuse the sale of alcohol to an adult if they’re accompanied by a child and think the alcohol is being bought for the child.


*It is not illegal for someone over 18 to buy a child over 16 beer, wine or cider if they are eating a table meal together in licensed premises. It is also not illegal for a child aged five to 16 to drink alcohol at home or on other private premises.

Acceptable ID for alcohol: proving age
Acceptable forms of ID to prove you are over 18 include:
• A photo driving licence
• A passport
• A proof of age card, such as the PASS card from the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme.
• It’s a criminal offence to use false or borrowed ID to gain entry to licensed premises or to buy alcohol. The maximum penalty is a £5,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison.
Public Space Protection Order

Only people over 18 can drink in public, except in areas of towns where Public Space Protection Orders are in place. A Public Space Protection Order, or PSPO, is a special decree that allows police to stop people from drinking in a certain area.
PSPOs give police officers special powers to order a person to stop drinking alcohol in public and confiscate it from them.

Even outside of these areas, the police can take away alcohol or move on under 18s if they have been drinking.
The police can also fine or arrest under 18s drinking in public places.
In accordance with this any alcohol brought on the site of Broseley Festival must not be consumed outside the allocated festival site area.

It is the responsibility of any vendors or traders selling alcohol at Broseley Festival to display the Challenge 25 poster on their stall. A copy of the poster will be sent to them. If this poster is not displayed it is the responsibility of the vendor/trader not Broseley Festival CIC.

Disability, Mental Health & Well-being Policy

Broseley Festival wants to be a safe and happy place for everyone to enjoy.
However, the size of the site and the large crowds mixed in with all the different sounds, lights, smells and experiences can be overwhelming especially for attendees with mental health, emotional difficulties, people who suffer with epilepsy or who suffer with any sensory issues.

Please be advised strobe lighting will be used throughout the weekend by the production and staging team.

The Broseley Festival CIC is committed to ensuring it is an event everyone can attend. The following facilities are for customers with permanent/long term access requirements and are not for people with temporary impairments such as broken bones, healing wounds or woman who are pregnant. A dedicated disabled area will be positioned in front of the stage for people with mobility difficulties or wheelchair users and a disabled sign will be present to show the area.

Onsite medical professionals are available for anyone requiring medical assistance.
Our medical team can be found at the allocated first aid point.


Everyone is welcome to attend Broseley Festival and enter the festival site but do so at their own risk. Broseley Festival CIC cannot be held responsible for any people with any of the issues outlined in this policy.

Safety Advice Policy

A copy of Broseley Festival CIC’s Safety Advice Policy will be shared with all team members, stewards, security staff, stall holders, vendors and traders, all members of the production team, medical staff and anyone else involved with the organisation of Broseley Festival or any sub-contractors and traders and is available to any member of the public and will be shared on Broseley Festival CIC’s official website prior and during the event. A copy of the policy will be available at the information tent throughout the event.


Broseley Festival CIC want everyone to be familiar with the following advice ahead of this year’s Festival.
· Be patient with security checks and help the staff to help you. We know it is inconvenient, but they are there to keep you safe.
· Only bring what you need and please abide by our prohibited items which can be found in Broseley Festival CIC’s Term and Conditions of Entry. list of prohibited items. Packing light will also help to speed up searches and your entry to the event.
· If you spot someone acting suspiciously, report it to us immediately to our security staff or a member of the festival team.
· In an emergency, if you think there is an immediate risk, always call 999 and look around you for help from staff/stewards – especially those with radios who can raise the alarm quickly.
· Don’t leave bags unattended or anywhere they could cause a security scare. And never agree to look after anyone else’s bags, no matter how plausible their story.
· If there is an incident, listen to staff and any announcements. Festival organisers have emergency plans to help you keep safe. Please follow the instructions given by organisers in the event of an emergency.

Harassment Policy

Broseley Festival CIC is organised by a group of volunteers with a vision of a community festival that is a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

Broseley Festival CIC is committed to providing a welcoming, friendly and safe environment for everyone visiting regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, race, ethnicity, religion, belief or social status.
Everyone attending Broseley Festival – whether to have fun, to volunteer or to work – should be able to do so in an atmosphere that is free of harassment, intimidation and anti-social or abusive behaviour.
If anyone does behave in a way which goes against these values, the Broseley Festival team, stewards and security reserve the right to take any action which they deem to be necessary or appropriate in the circumstances, including eviction from the Festival and/or reporting the matter to the relevant authorities/police.

If anyone is made to feel uncomfortable while at Broseley Festival, then we advise that a member of the festival team, steward or security are informed as soon as possible.
All information received will be dealt with sensitively and appropriately.

Complaints Procedure Policy

If a member of the public wishes to make a complaint about any events held by Broseley Festival CIC they are required to email us within 7 days of the event using the contact form on our official website.
A director of Broseley Festival CIC will endeavour to respond to the complaint as quickly as possible, although during the busy times such as the week running up to fundraising events, the weeks running up to Broseley Festival and during the festival weekend there may be some delay.


Broseley Festival CIC aims to respond to all complaints with 14 days of receiving an email regarding a complaint. If we are required to seek advice from another sources, for example: our production team, security or medics then this could cause a delay in a response.

Prescribed Medicines Policy

A copy of Broseley Festival CIC’s Prescribed Medicines Policy will be available to any member of the public and will be shared on Broseley Festival CIC’s official website prior and during the event. A copy of the policy will be available at the information tent throughout the events.

Broseley Festival CIC is committed to maintaining the safety and wellbeing of all persons on site and is very aware that a proportion of the festival audience have a requirement to bring prescribed medicines onto site. Therefore, it is the general policy of Broseley Festival CIC to permit prescription medicines to be brought onto site through the main entrance.


To ensure that illicit or potentially dangerous substances are not brought onto site under the guise of legitimate medical need, the following measures are advised.
If someone needs to bring prescription medicines onto site, they should consider this in advance and follow the steps set out below to assist security personnel to determine the medication is legitimately held if the medication is discovered or reported.

We recommend the attendees to Broseley Festival should read the following advice:
1. Ensure the medicine is in its original container, with the dispensary sticker and issued in the person’s name and you would be asked for ID if the medication is discovered during bag searches.
2. Please do not peel the label off or carry someone else’s medication for them.
3. Ensure the quantity carried is the minimal required for duration on site.
4. Please try to NOT bring non-essential tablets such as vitamin supplements onsite.
5. Please do not be offended if you are asked about medication at the gate or in the festival but do not seek to conceal medication.
6. Be aware of your closest open pharmacy.
7. Most medications that is not required to be brought ‘over the counter’ can be purchased in Broseley High Street.

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