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Disability, Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy

Broseley Festival wants to be a safe and happy place for everyone to enjoy.
However, the size of the site and the large crowds mixed in with all the different sounds, lights, smells and experiences can be overwhelming especially for attendees with mental health, emotional difficulties, people who suffer with epilepsy or who suffer with any sensory issues.

Please be advised strobe lighting will be used throughout the weekend by the production and staging team.

The Broseley Festival CIC is committed to ensuring it is an event everyone can attend. The following facilities are for customers with permanent/long term access requirements and are not for people with temporary impairments such as broken bones, healing wounds or woman who are pregnant. A dedicated disabled area will be positioned in front of the stage for people with mobility difficulties or wheelchair users and a disabled sign will be present to show the area.

Onsite medical professionals are available for anyone requiring medical assistance.
Our medical team can be found at the allocated first aid point.


Everyone is welcome to attend Broseley Festival and enter the festival site but do so at their own risk. Broseley Festival CIC cannot be held responsible for any people with any of the issues outlined in this policy.

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